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Reviews in English:

seaoftranquility.org 3.5/5
I wouldn't go as far as to suggest that The Ignitor will suddenly make non believers in power or speed metal bombast see the errors of their ways. However Burning Point have created an album, that while far from reinventing the wheel, will have ardent followers of this style of music frothing over their air-guitars.

blistering.com 8/10
What you will find here is highly accessible tunes with catchy choruses molded around a fist pumping ethos to boot.

heavyparadise.blogspot.fi 7.5/10
All in all, this is an extremely interesting and enjoyable release. Power metal at its best! For the fans of pure melodic power metal, this is an album that will make you happy, that's sure! For the rest of you, "The Ignitor" is an album that will make you see this gerne with a different point of view! Well done!!!

hardcity.gr 4/5
Listen to the new BURNING POINT's album . Especially you who worshiped the old Accept, Dio and Avantasia will love The Ignitor. It has two or three mediocre moments but also has some pieces that you really need to get with any sacrifice. Worth the effort.

seaoftranquility.org 4/6

heavymetal.net.au 7/10
"The Iginitor" is actually a good album, considering the lack of originality, no matter what style or pace they dish out on those 11 tracks.

As a whole, The Ignitor is a very likeable album. It flows nicely, and the variation of tempo and heavines make it both interesting and exciting.

wpapu.com B+
Burning Point is showing that there are still bands out there producing great power metal; you just have to find them.

planetmosh.com 7/10
But overall, The Ignitor is a strong effort that will certainly keep the fans happy.

Their first album 'Salvation By Fire' came out in 2001 on Limb Music with heavyweight distribution by SPV, so they're not exactly a new band but the revolving door of musicians has harmed their progress as was their subsequent dropping by Limb Music after second album "Feeding The Flames" amid legal acrimony two years after their debut

lordsofmetal.nl 84/100
You can read more background info on this great band in an interview my colleague Sjak Roks did with the band on when their previous album ‘Empyre’ was released.

"The Ignitor": well inside the top 10 melodic power metal releases for 2012. (Scarlet Records)

powerofmetal.dk 80/100
This is stuff for fans of Stratovarius, Helloween, Narnia, Blind Guardian, Freedom Call and so on...

themayfairmallzine.com 4/5
The album closes with an all guns blazing metal monster, the breakneck speed of ‘Holier Than Thou’ will set the mosh-pits alive, which wraps up a quite astounding album the best to date for the band. Let's hope this gets them the recognition they undoubtedly deserve.

angelfire.com 4/5
"The ignitor": well inside the top 10 melodic power metal releases for 2012.

metallikey.wordpress.com 8/10
Hammerfall has been around way longer, but Burning Point sounds like Hammerfall should. If you’re into power metal, this is an album you can’t miss. There’s no real highlight, but it’s a constant flow of happiness.

angelfire.com 4/5
"The ignitor": well inside the top 10 melodic power metal releases for 2012.

metal-rules.com 3.5/5
If there is any justice in the world, THE IGNITOR might be the album that takes Burning Point to the next level. The long-suffering, hard-working band certainly deserve it and if they keep putting out excellent material like this, more and more fans will feel the fire!

metalshockfinland.wordpress.com 8/10
The solos are what you’d expect in high octane power metal, super expressive and super speed

dangerdog.com 4/5
Fundamentally, The Ignitor finds Burning Point in fine form, and doing melodic power metal with strength and agility. Easily recommended if you dig the scene.

belgianmetalscene.be 4/5
Of course highly recommended to fans of tight guitars and sky-high vocals that can cause goose bumps all over your back running to your neck.

underworldmusicmagazine.com (Page 36)

metal-guide.eu 9/10
Give it a chance and you 'll be happy you did.

rothnroll.blogspot.com 3.5/5
There are moments when music should be played loud, this is one of those.

sorroweternal.blogspot.com 8/10
This is a band that has all of the tools and talent to continue a rise to power... no pun intended. If "The Ignitor" started the fires, then the next album might just burn the place to the ground.

The Ignitor is an album full of headbanging riffs and melodic solos...as power metal should be.

metal-temple.com 9/10
"The Ignitor" is a great opportunity for all the melodic Heavy Metal, Power Metal fans to enjoy such a varied album, especially from instrumental parts and the amazing vocal range of Pete Ahonen!

If you are looking for some superb Power Metal that does not focus too much on virtuosity (even though it has some brilliant sections) "The Ignitor" is a release that perfectly fits the bill. Burning Point shows that they have skills to make catchy and epic music while maintaining a healthy balance between older Heavy Metal and more modern Power Metal"

indiehorrornews.com 4.5/5
Overall I would have to say that Burning Point "The Ignitor" is fantastic. I will be listening to this album for years to come. Everything is well done. Excellent riffs, songwriting, production. Now if they could play a show in USA..

blackwindmetal.com 3.75/5
Burning Point have made a sizzling delivery of The Ignitor, and it’s one that fans of flagging bands like HammerFall can hold high as a much more worthy replacement..

Reviews in Germany:

time-for-metal.eu 9/10
Fazit: Endlich wieder ein richtig geiles Power Metal-Album, das Spaß macht und für intensives Zuhören sorgt. Auch einfach mal das untenstehende Video ansehen.

oliverdsw.wordpress.com 7/10
Denn auch die kann man in das Subgenre des True Metal einordnen - obwohl allerlei Melodien und Keyboardpassagen für die nötige Power und Abwechslung sorgen.

burnyourears.de 9.5/10
Im Vergleich zum Vorgänger "Empyre" kommen die Songs etwas robuster und nicht ganz so glatt rüber, was meiner Meinung nach dem Sound sehr zu Gute kommt. In der Breite halten BURNING POINT das hohe Niveau ihrer bisherigen Veröffentlichungen, wobei Chefdenker Pete gesanglich wie gitarrentechnisch locker einen drauf gelegt hat. Die Produktion muss ich auch nochmal lobend erwähnen, denn der Sound ist vorbildlich. Für alle Fans des Genre eigentlich ein Pflichtkauf. Wer's nicht glaubt, sollte sich mal den Titeltrack, "Silent Scream" oder "Losing Sleep" reinziehen.

stormbringer.at 3.5/5
Grundsätzlich werden hier also fast alle Klischees des klassischen Power Metals erfüllt, auch wenn sich der Kitschfaktor eigentlich nie wirklich blicken lässt.

bleeding4metal.de 7/10
Der meistert zwar auch höchste Töne fachmännisch, fühlt sich aber im gemäßigten Bereich viel wohler. Von aufgetakelten oldschool HELLOWEEN-Tributen wie 'Eternal Flame', 'Heaven Is Hell' oder 'Holier Than Thou' bis hin zu melodiösen Midtemponummern à la 'In The Night', 'The Ignitor' oder 'Silent Scream' (mit Letzteren in der Überzahl) kann man sich hier verwöhnen lassen, wobei 'Everdream' das Rennen als Albumgeilster macht. Starker Melodic Power Metal!

crossfire-metal.de 7.5/10
Die Speedgranate "Holier Than Thou" schließt recht imposant dieses etwas "glattere" Album im Vergleich zu den Vorgänger Scheiben, es kann jedoch allen Fans des Genres bedenkenlos weiterempfohlen werden.

metalunderground.at 8/10
Das muss so sein und Genre Fans müssen sie auch kaufen!

darkscene.at 3.5/5
Fazit: Sehr passabel und gut anzuhören, auch wenn man sich bei der Fortsetzung der Karriere eine neuartige Veränderung gewünscht hätte. Anyway alles macht man richtig und lediglich bei einigen Key und Synthy Passagen klingt man etwas zu glatt poliert, den Rest erledigt man mit guten Linien die zum Fäuste recken, Bangen und mitwippen durchaus begeistern können.

Reviews in France:

metalchroniques.fr 7.5/10
The Ignitor ne souffre pas de gros défaut et ravira les fans. Ce nouveau chapitre s’annonce sous les meilleurs auspices et pourrait permettre à BURNING POINT de retrouver son lustre d’antan. C’est tn tout cas tout ce que nous pouvons leur souhaiter.

Reviews in Holland:

zwaremetalen.com 84/100
Vreemd eigenlijk dat Burning Point nooit de populariteit van bovengenoemde acts heeft gehaald. Aan de kwaliteit die de Finnen brengen kan het in ieder geval niet liggen. Wie weet kan de band met The Ignitor potjes gaan breken.

Reviews in Italy:

it.amolamusica.com 3.75/5
L’artwork, realizzato dall’artista colombiano Felipe Machado Franco (che ha collaborato anche con altre band Metal), come accennato, è in piena linea con i precedenti album ed ovviamente rispetta l’elemento “combustibile” con fare prepotente, quasi a voler dimostrare che questo album è al pari del loro secondo e fortunato "Feeding the Flames".

metallized.it 68/100
Ottimamente prodotto, tradizionale nell'approccio e fin troppo prevedibile nell'esecuzione, il disco pecca del coraggio che ci si aspetterebbe da un "capolavoro" e presenta evidenti cali qualitativi e di tensione per circa un terzo della sua durata, non appena la band si mette alla prova con ritmi più rilassati: in queste occasioni ci sarebbe tutto lo spazio per gettare il cuore oltre l'ostacolo e sperimentare con una ricerca stilistica più approfondita, manifestando una sensibilità ed una cultura che purtroppo la band non dimostra, almeno in questa occasione, di possedere pienamente.

stereoinvaders.com 7.5/10
Le canzoni quindi sono ben strutturate, con il tappeto di tastiere che non stravolge la potenza delle chitarre e con un discreto vocalist come Pete Ahonen.

metalitalia.com 7.0
Questa volta le cose sono andate diversamente: i Burning Point trovano l'ispirazione artistica e confezionano un discreto platter di power metal granitico che mischia furbescamente la rabbia e la violenza dei Primal Fear alle melodie ruffiane degli Helloween, condendo il tutto con evidenti richiami musicali e vocali agli ultimi Iron Maiden.

Reviews in Swedish:

rocknytt.net 8.5/10
Skivan är helt enkelt underbar och fyra års väntan i förtvivlan är över. Burning Point är äntligen tillbaka.

swedenrockmagazine.com 7/10
Dock inte olidligt insmickrande, mycket tack vare Pete Ahonens för genren mörka sångstil och de kompletterande kryddorna från traditionell heavy metal